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We will try to answer most of your questions in this page but if not please don't hesitate to contact us:

Q: What size are the castles?

A: The Buzz Light Year castle is in a diamond shape and is 4 metres x 4 metres x 4.7 metres high. The Winnie The Pooh castle is square and measures 4 metres x 4 metres x 4 metres high. Both castles require approximately 1 metre clearance around the castle for pegs and movement.

 Q: What type of surface can the jumping castle be set up on?

A: The jumping castles can be set up on LEVEL grass, concrete, paving, asphalt or dirt, basically any surface that does not have any sharp objects sticking through. Please advise ground type when booking.

Q: How much room around the jumping castle is needed?

A: The minimum required is 1 metre around the jumping castle but sufficient space for branches etc may need to be more. The jumping castles can not come into contact with any branches or walls. We will place the unit so as to avoid contact when we deliver and set up the jumping castle.

Q: How long does it take to set up the jumping castle?

A: It takes around 10 - 20 minutes to set up depending on the site. We arrive early so as to have the unit set up and running before your hire time starts. Your hire time is the actual time we have the jumping castle up for, e.g. if your hire starts at 11am and finishes at 3pm, we will have the jumping castle set up before 11am and won't pack up the unit until after 3pm.

Q: What is the minimum time I can hire a jumping castle for?

A: The minimum hire time is 2 hours.

Q: How many children can use the jumping castle at once?

A: The castles can handle up to 350kgs at once, but for safety reasons we recommend no more than 8 on at once so they give each other room to bounce.

Q: How does the Just 4 Kids Hire Jumping Castles stay inflated?

A: The Jumping castle is not sealed so therefore it is continually filled with air via a quiet electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply via a power cord fitted with a R.C.D (Safety Switch) supplied by Just 4 Kids Hire. Electrical usage is only a few cents per hour.

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit?

A: We charge a $30.00 deposit on backyard parties, which guarantees you the castle you have chosen at your required time.

Q: What happens if it rains on the day?

A: If we don't hear from you we will always deliver the jumping castles, as they are fitted with sun / shower covers.

Q: What if I want to cancel?

A: If you cancel your booking with a least 7 days notice or due to bad weather we will refund you booking fee completely. If you cancel your booking within the 7 days you will lose your booking fee. For cancellations due to weather, you must call 2 hours prior to your booking time to cancel or advise us if you are thinking about canceling (maybe waiting to see if weather will clear) to receive your deposit back, If you call within the 2 hours of your booking time you will lose you deposit. If you are not sure if you still want the jumping castle due to weather please just contact us and then if at the last minute you cancel you will still receive you deposit back.   

Q: How is payment made and when?

A: Payments can be made by cash, direct deposit, or cheque (only accepted up to 7 days prior to booking. No personal cheques accepted within 7 days of booking time). Total payment must be made when driver arrives to set up.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: We wouldn't be in business without it! We have $10 000 000.00 public liability.

Q: What happens if we damage the jumping castle?

A: If the damage is considered by Just 4 Kids Hire to be malicious then you will be liable to pay for all repairs and transport costs with having the jumping castle repaired. If adults use the jumping castle and it is damaged, then the above will also apply as the jumping castles are specifically available for children only.


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