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Play Centre update.

Jigglywigs closed

Due to unforeseen circumstances Jigglywigs has closed until further notice, we would like to thank Mackay council for all their help and advice (hahahahahahaha NOT) and without them we may still had been operating. Congrates Linda Pearson you got your wish.


Well we are still going ahead with the play centre, if all goes well we should be opening around the 4th of August (If we can ever get past council, still little problems but we hope to have it all sorted out soon) I will keep you posted.


There is light at the end of the tunnel!!! Wahoo!!!

We have secured suite 1, at 7 - 9 Discovery lane, the building is still being built but should be finished by mid June 2007 so hopefully we should be able to open around the end of July or early August 2007, depending on council, but at this stage all is looking good, lets keep our fingers crossed.


We are still banging our heads against a brick wall with Mackay city council, which is causing delays and the opportunity of another building lost, BUT we are still fighting and may only be weeks away from hopefully good news, so keep posted.


Well lots time and heartache has happen but still nothing happening with our play centre, we have been looking at buying and leasing 4 different locations in the last couple of months, BUT good old council still hasn't helped with making anything easier. We are still looking but council is a major hurdle. If anyone has land for sale that would house a 1000 m2 building and around 70 car parks or would be wanting to lease us a building larger than 700 m2, air conditioned, with enough land to have car parks for 40 to 70 cars (council requirements 1 car park per 15m2 of building, even though when it was at the 4 ways they only had 4 parks and there is nothing in between with our helpful council) please let us know so we can get the play centre up and running so Mackay and districts kids have some where safe and comfortable to play.


We are still chasing council, BUT there is a small candle light at the end of the tunnel and we hope to have some exciting news in the next couple of week so stay tuned.

Just 4 Kids Hire Play Centre - Coming soon!

Please Don't despair Just 4 Kids Hire Play Centre is coming soon, we have bought all the equipment from Tumble town and have added lots more to suit children of all ages. We are in the process of leasing a building but keep hitting brick walls (usually with Mackay City Council rules etc) but we are targeting in on a couple and hope to be up and running in the next couple of months. So stay tuned we will update the site regularly to keep you informed, but we are going strong with our jumping castle hires so if you are looking for a castle for a party or function call quick as dates are running out quickly for christmas. 

For More Information Contact:

Just 4 Kids Hire
24731 Peak Downs Highway, Victoria Plains, QLD. 4751
P.O. Box 7024 Mackay Mail Centre, QLD 4741

Tel: 07 4954 1547

Mobile: 0419 022293
FAX: 07 49 541 048
Internet: info@just4kidshire.com.au


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