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About the castles


We design and construct all Just 4 Kids Hire Jumps with safety in mind. Just 4 Kids Hire products are engineered and certified by registered professional engineers to meet and exceed all standards of The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). All inflatable structures manufactured by Jolly Jump are approved and registered for safety, and are on file at The Regulatory Commission for Amusement Ride and Device Manufacturer Quality in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Just 4 Kids Hire units are crafted for maximum durability. They are built with double, triple and quadruple stitching, along with polypropylene and nylon reinforced webbings at the all important stress points. We carefully engineer every component to make sure that sufficient amount of air is distributed to all sections of the unit. We use only the finest quality, heavy duty, reinforced vinyl, flexobar knotless netting and extra strength thread.

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Just 4 Kids Hire
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Tel: 07 4954 1547  or 0419 0222 93
FAX: 07 4954 1547
Internet: info@just4kidshire.com.au


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